Sourcebook: If Dreams Could Kill (PDF)


A City of Mist sourcebook that is dedicated entirely to new player options in character creation and development

If Dreams Could Kill is the ultimate expansion for diversifying player options to help players both experienced and new get the most out of their City of Mist experience.

Unlike the other expansions from Shadows & Showdowns, which focus on fleshing out the City setting, If Dreams Could Kill focuses on the players by providing them more ways with which to express and evolve their characters.

What's inside:

  • Six (6) new themebooks: Conjuration, Destiny, Enclave, Familiar, Struggle, and Turf. Expanding the system's built-in character customization even further and growing the number of available themebooks to 27!

  • A character concept guide for quick and easy character building, complete with character creation tables using Legendary Archetypes and Noir Tropes to choose from, making character creation almost effortless for new players.

  • 50 new veteran improvements: everything from gaining deeper Mist awareness and control to enhancing your character's Mythos abilities; increasing deduction skills or conflict resolution capabilities; and plenty of highly-cinematic feats of pure baddassery!

  • 25 ready-to-use Relic and Familiar theme kits that you can add to your character as extra themes, giving her access to new Mythos power sets!

If Dreams Could Kill is a chapter from the Shadows & Showdowns expansion book.

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    • Sourcebook: If Dreams Could Kill (PDF)

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