Shipping Policy

Shipping fees are automatically calculated based on the items you purchased. 

​City of Mist is dispatched from fulfillment centers in the US, UK, EU, and Canada so customers in these regions should not normally be required to pay VAT or customs duty to receive package(s). However, Son of Oak cannot guarantee that receiving your package will not require additional fees.

Returned Packages: If a product is returned to us by the carrier for any reason that is your (the customer's) responsibility, including but not limited to wrong address, inaccessible address, or failure to collect the package, you may be required to pay additional shipping fees for the second shipping before we can dispatch the product again. This also applies to orders with free shipping.

Pre-Orders: Pre-order products are marked as such in the description of the product and/or the shipping tab of the product page, along with an estimated shipping date. If you pre-orderd a product, it will ship as soon as it is in stock in your nearest fulfillment center. We do everything in our power to communicate in advance any foreseeable delays with the fulfillment of pre-ordered products. Please check your email inbox and spam folder to ensure you received email updates from us.

Please contact us for specific information about your order.