Shadows & Showdowns (PDF)


A City of Mist expansion that unravels what lies behind the veil of the Mist - in PDF format.

Shadows & Showdowns is an expansion for City of Mist which enhances the core rules and reveals much about the City and the powers behind the Mist - and beyond it!

What's in this book:

  • Chapter 1: If Dreams Could Kill, provides players new options for character creation and development. Six new themebooks, 50 new veteran improvements, ranging from deeper Mist awareness and control to enhancing your character's Mythos abilities, 24 ready-to-use Relic and Familiar theme kits, and a concept guide for quick and easy character building, complete with character creation tables using Legendary Archetypes and Noir Tropes.
  • Chapter 2: Overlooked Attractions, explores 40 new City locations and intriguing locals to use on-the-fly in your campaign. It introduces some of the City's most prominent movers and shakers, best-kept secret hideouts, and the ‘who’s who’ of street-level information brokering, all designed for a specific narrative situation such as the crew seeking more information, recovering from a violent encounter, or requiring arbitration or mediation with an Avatar.
  • Chapter 3: Don’t Believe The Truth, reveals the council of Avatars that runs the City, their individual operations, Rifts in their service, and the details of their shadowy agreement to maintain the status quo in the City. This chapter includes 6 new Avatar profiles of the reigning members of 'the Truth' - Chairman Chow (Tanhā, the buddhist force of desire), Ganesha (Ganesha, the elephant-headed Indian god who is the Remover of Obstacles), District Attorney Barbara King (Shango, the Orisha of Power and Dominion), Dr. Talbot Leyland (Prometheus), Rosaline (Romeo & Juliet), and Monte Wolfe (The Boy Who Cried Wolf).
  • Chapter 4: Suits Unveiled, takes a deep dive into the Mist and its origins and into the secret organization behind it: the Gatekeepers. It offers an answer to the biggest question of them all - "What is the Mist?" - but mostly gives MCs the tools to create their own unique answers and backstories to the Gatekeeper organization and to the origins and nature of the Mist. Players will find complete rules for playing Gatekeeper characters or turning their Rift characters into Gatekeepers, including three new themebooks (Shrouding, Advanced Art, and Unit) and dozens of ready-to-use pick-and-play theme kits.

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  • Shadows & Showdowns (PDF)

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