Sourcebook: Overlooked Attractions (PDF)


A treasure trove of ready-to-use locations and locals, designed for classic campaign situations

Overlooked Attractions provides MCs with 40 exciting new locations and intriguing locals with which to populate their City. Each of these new items is designed for a specific narrative situation such as the crew seeking more information, recovering from a violent encounter, or requiring arbitration or mediation with an Avatar.

Overlooked Attractions introduces some of the City's most prominent movers and shakers, best-kept secret hideouts, and the ‘who’s who’ of street-level information brokering -- expanding the Rift underworld as described in the MC Toolkit.

What's inside:

This new expansion hosts a trove of NPCs and locations for your crew to encounter and explore, each containing:

  • Danger profiles, describing enchanted Enclaves, dens of iniquity, fearsome opponents, deceitful guides, and other essential yet dubious contacts.

  • Unique custom moves, providing vitalizing boons and debilitating banes.

  • Extra theme kits for potential allies, formidable associates, and powerful Relics.

Overlooked Attractions is a chapter from the Shadows & Showdowns expansion book.

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    • Sourcebook: Overlooked Attractions (PDF)

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