Character: Farida Jalal (PDF) - 100 points

This item is an exclusive reward of the Awakeners Referral Program with a value of 100 points. Refer your friends to City of Mist, gain points, and download this PDF.

Under the grime, this window cleaner is a daring and adventure-seeking swashbuckler!

Farida's fascination with the City’s skyline drove her to become a high-rise window cleaner. Her line of work brings her extremely close to the City’s movers and shakers, and to the secrets they keep. People tend to ignore what’s just outside their 50th story window. Thus far, her Mythos, Sinbad the Sailor, has been helping her out of the deepest pits, corners, and embarrassments.

Farida’s choice of lifestyle is as much a rebellion against her wealthy traditional parents as it is a yearning for the horizon. She is torn between her appreciation of her parents’ good intentions and her will to forge her own path in the world.

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  • Character: Farida Jalal (PDF)

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