Sourcebook: Suits Unveiled (PDF)


A City of Mist sourcebook that sheds light on the inner workings of the Gatekeepers and the Mist!

Suits Unveiled is a 100-page expansion that ushers both the MC and players who wish to portray Gatekeepers into the world of the Gatekeepers and the Mist, it helps MCs integrate the Gatekeepers into your series, and uncovers the secrets of this hidden organization, from its inception to its present-day situation.

What's in this expansion:

  • Life of an Agent - introduces you to the hidden world of Gatekeeping, from their recruitment, their everyday life, their Mist-related “Arts”, the equipment they use, and their political outlooks.

  • Playing a Gatekeeper Character - provides the rules for playing lead characters who are Gatekeepers, including new themebooks, new moves, and new character development rules.

  • The Gatekeeper Organization - reveals the innerworkings of the City’s best kept secret service: its hierarchy, its departments, its factions, and its physical assets in the City and in the “Deep Mist”.

  • The Gatekeepers as Adversaries - contains all the information you as the MC need to use the Gatekeepers in your series, from story hooks, to Gatekeeper Mist moves, to a directory of Danger profiles full of agents and units, high-profile veterans, vehicles, and security measures.

  • Secrets of the Mist - offers different answers to the greatest question in City of Mist – What is the Mist? – along with guidance on how to introduce this ultimate mystery into your game.

Suits Unveiled is a chapter from the Shadows & Showdowns expansion book.

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    • Sourcebook: Suits Unveiled (PDF)

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