Sourcebook: Don't Believe the Truth (PDF)


A City of Mist sourcebook that reveals the shadowy council of Avatars who run the City

Don’t Believe The Truth is a 75-page expansion that reveals the council of Avatars who run the City, their individual operations, Rifts in their service, and the details of their shadowy agreement to maintain the status quo in the City.

What's inside:

This supplement contains useful information about the secret council's history, its current affairs, and the assets at its disposal. It includes 6 new Avatar profiles for the members of the Truth, each with its own operation, needs, goals and desires. Most importantly, it provides MCs with direction on how to use the Truth or any of its members and operations in their game.

Members of the Truth (Avatar operations in this supplement):

  • Chairman (Edmund) Chow, Chairman of the Board (and major shareholder) of Chow Industries, Avatar of Tanhā, the buddhist force of desire, manifesting as consumerism and greed.

  • Ganesha, the six-year-old homeless Avatar of the elephant-headed Indian god of the same name who is the Remover of Obstacles and the protector of the City’s residents.

  • District Attorney Barbara King, Avatar of Shango, the Orisha (personification) of Power and Dominion, who is upholding law and justice with an iron fist.

  • Dr. Talbot Leyland, Head of Helix Labs and the Avatar of Prometheus, promoting innovation and a dark brand of future optimism.

  • Rosaline, a theater-owner and madam who is the Avatar of Romeo & Juliet, symbols of tragic, destructive love.

  • Monte Wolfe, the City’s foremost media and PR figure, Avatar of The Boy Who Cried Wolf and the sensationalization of lies, or fake news.

Don't Believe The Truth is a chapter from the Shadows & Showdowns expansion book.

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