• Mythos: Morpheus, Greek god of sleep and dreams
  • Logos: Antiques dealer
  • Sleeper
  • Touched
  • Borderliner
  • Legendary
  • Avatar
  • Potent premonitions
  • Business connections
  • Expert gunslinger
  • Incredible reaction speed

His antiques dealership
Blue-Collar Residential


L’Estrange, a Dubious Antiques Dealer and Gunslinger, has Been Around long enough to know his way through the world. Always searching for the truth behind the veil, he is convinced the ancients had secret knowledge. When he finally found the key, an artifact that was later stolen from him, he began Living in a Dream, sensing limitless possibilities that sometimes manifest through him, though he hasn’t quite been able to control it.

I know that somewhere out there, there’s an answer, a key, that could shed light on all our questions. It could explain why we are all asleep, why we are all blind to the truth: everything around us is nothing but a dream.