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Local Legends Intro Video

Are you ready for the next installment in the ever-growing City of Mist library? Son of Oak’s cinematic tabletop RPG of ordinary people with legendary powers returns this February with a new Kickstarter campaign!

Local Legends will be a sourcebook containing new districts and cases that can be used for any City of Mist adventure. Each chapter details a unique district filled with engaging urban locations, complex characters, and a thematic one-shot adventure for each district.

Excited? Let’s hit the streets and uncover just what’s around the corner!

The Districts

Local Legends will feature eight expanded Districts within the City of Mist. And depending on how we hit our stretch goals, we may unlock even more!

The first six districts have been previously explored in standalone PDF’s, which you can learn more about in our Expansion Districts video. Son of Oak will be returning to these Districts in Local Legends and adding new locations, new adventures, new custom rules, and new characters to act as allies or adversaries.

These Districts include places like La Colonia de Sombras, a shadowy district of heroic immigrants and meso-american horrors, where a superpowered luchadora fights a one-woman war against crime. This District was written by Mark Diaz Truman of Magpie Games, who will reprise his role.

Players will also be able to explore Districts like Independence, where the Rifts of African-American folk heroes fight against oppression. This District was created by Chris Spivey, creator of Harlem Unbound and Haunted West.

Eran Aviram, Chief Editor of Son of Oak Game Studio and creator of the Crystal Heart RPG, created two of the original District expansions. Play the odds in Fortune Row and pull off daring casino heists. Or venture deep into the sea with The Sunken City and uncover an underwater world of pulp fiction adventure.

If you’re looking for a crowd and flashing lights, then look no further than The Tourist Trap. This District of wild rides and dangerous pleasures was created by James Introcaso, who co-designed multiple Dungeons & Dragons books like Dragon Heist and Ghosts of Saltmarsh.

But if you’re looking to get gritty, then venture into the endless sewers of The Undertrash. This District of warring outcasts and abandoned oddities was written by Chris Gunning of Weaponized Ink and co-writer of Delta Green.

In addition to these mysterious locations are two never-before-seen Districts that will be added to the City of Mist canon. One of these Districts is the coveted Chinatown, where the vigilante Moonwraith uses the powers of the moon goddess Chang’e to fight against other Rifts of Chinese legends.

This District was originally a stretch goal in the Nights of Payne Town Kickstarter campaign, and unfortunately the campaign was just shy of unlocking it. But now, Son of Oak will finally be able to develop and release the District in Local Legends. Chinatown will be written by Tony Pi, one of the lead writers of the :Otherscape mythic cyberpunk universe.

Tony and his co-writer Colin Wilson will also contribute other content to the book. Beyond their work on :Otherscape, these two have created some of the most popular City of Mist supplements on the City of Mist Garage, where community members can release their own content on DriveThruRPG. If you have a chance, definitely check out their work.

Now for the 8th District, I can’t actually say anything about it yet. And that’s because the 8th District will be chosen by early backers of the Local Legends Kickstarter.

That’s right! If you are a Day One backer, not only do you get early access to all the content AND a new pair of custom City of Mist dice. You also join the exclusive conversation to decide the newest City of Mist District. Son of Oak will be asking Day One backers throughout the campaign what they want to see, and the possibilities are truly endless. An Arts District? A Mega-Mall? Something I can’t even think of right now? My sources tell me some of the team-favorite options are Ocean Heights, the seaside neighborhood of Anatoli Vidales, or a Fey district in Lakeside Drive.

The Accessories

Besides the book itself, the Local Legends Kickstarter will feature even more items that will be crowdfunded during the campaign. These will include the new style of custom City of Mist dice I mentioned earlier, and might also include a new City of Mist map kit for Local Legends Districts and the City at large.

If you’re familiar with Nights of Payne Town, you may also know about the Deck of Legends that featured the Danger Profiles of that campaign as simple, easy-to-read cards. Local Legends will crowdfund an entirely new Deck of Legends featuring Danger profiles from the Local Legends book, as well as updated Dangers from the MC Toolkit.

The campaign will also be crowdfunding new Character Folios based off the most exciting and prominent NPC’s in Local Legends. These Character Folios will allow you to play these NPC’s as pregenerated player characters. Remember the vigilante Moonwraith from earlier? If this campaign succeeds, you’ll be able to play as Moonwraith, along with new characters like the Rift of Poseidon, the Rift of Rumpelstiltskin, and more!

There’s so much coming in this campaign, and I’m so excited for you all to see it! If you want to be the first to know when the campaign launches in February, be sure to follow the Local Legends Kickstarter campaign. Remember, Day One backers will receive early access, City of Mist dice, and the chance to have their voice heard in deciding the newest City of Mist District. Just click the link in the description or go to our Local Legends Kickstarter campaign page and hit the button to Notify Me At Launch.

Are you ready to hit the streets of the City of Mist? Join the conversation in the comments, on social media, or on the City of Mist Discord. Until then, have fun!