Character Folio Pack (PDF)

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Fourteen (14) beautifully-illustrated pregen character folios, including the 7 original City of Mist cast and 7 new additions - in PDF format!

The Character Folio Pack contains 14 character folios with a graphic summary of the game rules and dice roll outcomes and suggestions for cool tag combos.

The set includes a roster of 14 all-time favorite City of Mist pregen characters:

  • The seven original starter set cast: Declan L'Estrange, Excalibur, Flicker, Kitsune, Mitosis, Post-Mortem, and Salamander.

  • Seven new additions: Bassie (Bastet), Ben "Baby New" Newman (Baby New Year), Bodhi (Bodhidharma), Ghostface (Chernobog), Mairead Conroy (the Boogeyman), Lance Sullivan (Don Quixote), and Scarlet (Little Red Riding Hood).

These folios are fully compatible with the Starter Set, so you can boost your roster with extra characters!

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  • Character Folio Pack (PDF)

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