District: The Sunken City (PDF)

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A Pulpy District of Underwater Adventures and Unleashed Powers

Many years ago, when the Mist was only starting to gather, some of the people who would one day found the City tried to harness the Mythos of the Mist itself, to bend it to their will. In essence, they wished to bend reality and have ultimate control over every aspect of mind and matter.

Instead, their plan was foiled by their enemies and they were banished from the greater Mist. These fallen Elders found themselves in an Enclave, almost completely separated from the Mist proper.

Pushed beyond the edge of the City, this land sank into anonymity deep beneath the waves, covered by an endless ocean above, on the farthest edge of the Mist, bordering the Age of Wonders, the realm of the Mythoi.

Now trapped within an environment of their own making, the Elders pulled into their bubble of reality the Mythos of the grandest submerged society, Atlantis, turning their private world into a paradise, protected from the world above by a dome made of the Mist itself.

Inside, there are no Gatekeepers, no restrictions, and all are allowed to explore their Mythos, to be free to express themselves… but in this, they’re sure to bring about their own downfall.

This is the Sunken City.

This standalone PDF (22 pages) describes a new district in the City setting for the City of Mist RPG: the awesome and awful underwater world of the Sunken City. Here are some examples of how to use the included locations, NPCs, and Dangers:

  • Finally, unleash your powers: Mist? What Mist? In the Sunken City, your Mythos bursts through with all of its beautiful colors and terrible consequences. There’s no better place to feel like a superhero with great powers, no responsibilities, and lots of drama.
  • Answer any Mystery: Whatever burning question you have about yourself, your Mythos, or the City, the answer can be found in the Sunken City. You might need to infiltrate a crazed cult or search through an old collapsing temple, but the answer is there, within reach.
  • Bring about the End: Everything is possible in the Sunken City, and that is surely what will eventually cause its demise. Here you can discover rival factions vying for control over the future of the main dome of Atlantis, but the more power you wield, the faster you bring about the Downfall – your own, the Sunken City’s, or even the City at large.
  • Themes of pulp action and daring rescues: Running away from a rolling boulder, rescuing a kidnapped loved one from a mad scientist, jumping out of the window just before the tower collapses – these sort of things happen all the time in the Sunken City.

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