District: Independence (PDF)

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A District of African-American Folk Heroes Fighting Oppression

Independence isn’t just a district. It’s friends, it’s family, it’s community. You don’t get to choose your neighborhood family, and may not even like them, but you can rely on them to have your back against the rest of the world. Then they may cheat you out of a ten spot for their trouble. Family, right?

Broiling underneath the warm community is a struggle for freedom. Independence has been the testing grounds of a Gatekeeper experiment in social oppression and a home for movements trying to resist it. This social atrocity has been managed by an autonomous and covert division of the Gatekeepers titled Ward 9.

This standalone PDF (12 pages) describes a new district in the City setting for the City of Mist RPG: the welcoming family of Independence. You can use this new district in your game to:

Enhance themes of freedom vs. oppression. The people of Independence face systematic oppression on a daily basis by the clone army and Gatekeepers of Ward 9, making this district the ideal setting for stories and characters that revolve around freedom fighting.

  • Play Independence’s story arc. Independence features a formidable enemy – Ward 9 – whose impregnable headquarters is impossible to storm without additional support. The crew must first complete missions to gain the trust of the local crew – Bishop’s Crew, represented as Ally themes – and together mount an attack to take down Ward 9.
  • Find support, in more ways than one. Crew members who are in need of help can find a home in the welcoming community of Independence. The members of Bishop’s Crew are accomplished, honest, and helpful Rifts that can be recruited to help with the lead characters’ problems (especially if the crew can help with theirs) and many of the district’s people act with the same spirit of hospitality.
  • Uncover the origins of the Mist. It could be that the Town Hall of Independence is nothing less than the birthplace of the Mist, or at least of the Gatekeepers’ organization. The Mist’s original secrets might also be lost in the Old Fort’s endless battles, although venturing into the Mist-less Fort grounds may prove to be a psychedelic, life-changing experience

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