Rifts are the protagonists and villains of City of Mist: individuals who have awakened to legendary powers within them - and around them.

When you play City of Mist, you most often play the character of a Rift with your own unique personal background - called Logos - and inner legend - called Mythos.

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You are just trying to eke out a living in the City like everybody else, right? You have your home, your loved ones, your things, and whatever it is you do with your time. But, without even knowing it, you’re also a gateway to a strange legendary force: a Mythos

Nobody really knows what the Mythoi are, or for that matter, what Rifts are. The vast majority of people in the City don’t even know the Mythoi are real. In all likelihood, you are still one of those people. What you do know is that lately you’ve started feeling a strange presence inside of you: something unknown and yet immensely familiar, like an old childhood memory.

Maybe an accident triggered it or maybe it was something you discovered within yourself gradually. Now it’s a part of you, and when you connect with it, wondrous and horrible things happen as the power of your Mythos is unleashed into the world.

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You want a lot of things. You want to keep your job, you want to make your mom happy, or maybe you just want to find the best blueberry muffins in the City. You might also want to take revenge on those who have hurt you, or to show your true worth to someone. There are different sides to your Identity, each desiring different things. These aspects that define your day-to-day life is called your Logos

Then, there is your Mythos. It wants you to go deeper, beyond your petty human desires and beyond what you know and so habitually cling to. There is a story inside you, a legend that transcends your personality and the circumstances of your life. It’s calling to you to find it, to unravel it. It’s a Mystery that you feel compelled to follow.

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Many Rifts – after realizing there’s something strange going on – ask themselves, “How about I just forget about all this and focus on my life?”. In theory, that would be a good idea. But even if you could resist the call of your Mythos, there’s one fact you can’t ignore: there are other Rifts out there. People like you, perhaps of a less savory nature, driven by their Mythos, looking for new opportunities to further their goals. They may be scheming in the shadows or going on an open rampage through the City streets; sooner or later, one of these legends will find you.

Other Rifts might be as new to the game as you are, or they might be almighty legends who have been around for a long time, gaining power and influence in the City. Some of them might even have a personal interest in you, especially if there is a relationship between your Mythoi: your stories may be connected, whether or not you realize it.

Not all Rifts pose a threat, though. The City has enough shades of gray to accommodate a wide spectrum of motives, and you may find Rifts who will be willing to help you out for their own reasons. Learn to be flexible – enemies and allies can change sides faster than you think.



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