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City of Mist Tabletop RPG (TTRPG) - The Starter Box


The perfect sampler for dipping your feet into City of Mist, on a budget.

This game-night-in-a-box contains the basic rules, lots of fun accessories (dice, maps, tokens, cards), and enough content for several game sessions. It's everything you need to make your first steps in City of Mist a cinematic blast!

ADD TO CART - $39.95

Recommended add-ons:
• The Roll20 Starter Set offers support for online gaming.
• The Character Pack will add 14 characters to the 5 already in this box.
Nights of Payne Town will add 10 more scenarios to the 1 included.



Everything you need as a player, especially if you're already in a group.

If you like learning a new game from a book or having a solid reference, with full rules, examples, sidebars, and extra lore, this one is for you. The Player Guide is a comprehensive guide for creating, playing, and evolving City of Mist characters.

ADD TO CART - $44.95

Recommended add-ons:
• Combine with the Master of Ceremonies Toolkit for the complete rules, available as a bundle.
• Combine with Shadows & Showdowns for expanded player options.



The full game in a stylized slipcase, plus some extras.

Perfect for the creative game master, the Core Set allows you to create endless characters, adversaries, cases, and campaigns for City of Mist and includes all the rules, plus one scenario. The GM Screen offers handy summarized information and the set includes two extra District PDFs to expand your City.

ADD TO CART - $119.95

Recommended add-ons:
• Add an accessory such as dice, theme cards, or tracking cards, for more tangible gameplay.
• Add Nights of Payne Town to add 10 scenarios to the 1 included.



The most complete bundle: 3 boxed sets - starter, core, and expansion - plus extra characters and 6 extra PDFs.

If you're a completionist, this is the package for you. It includes almost EVERYTHING published to date: start with the starter box, own the full core rules, and enjoy tons of extra content in the expansion set, character folio set, and 6 extra districts.

ADD TO CART - $219.95

Recommended add-ons:
• Only a few accessories are not included in this giant bundle: The theme cards and the Deck of Legends.
• Extra dice can always come in handy (2 are included).



A content-packed expansion for those who already own the game and want more.

This juicy set includes two books that expand City of Mist: Shadows & Showdowns is chock full of adversaries, locations, and lore, while Nights of Payne Town is a ready-to-play campaign, enough for at least a year of weekly sessions! These come in a sturdy illustrated slipcase together with a crime board map and a dossier full of printed clues and handouts.

ADD TO CART - $119.95

Recommended add-ons:
• The Deck of Legends offers handy adversary cards for Nights of Payne Town.



For book lovers: the All Books bundle includes all the City of Mist books without accessories, so you get more bang for your buck.

• For online gamers: the Ultimate PDF bundle includes all City of Mist books in PDF format plus 6 extra Districts, so you get the full game for less.


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