Deck of Legends

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A deck of forty (40) beautifully-illustrated Danger cards of modern day legends, daring street gangs, and shady Gatekeepers!

The Deck of Legends contains 40 large 8" x 3.15" Danger cards of legendary archvillains, sneaky street-rats, unscrupulous mobsters, mythical street gangs; and of course, the ever-elusive and intimidating Gatekeepers.

The deck includes a roster of Danger profiles that are fully-compatible with the Nights of Payne Town story arc book, but can also provide MCs with on-the-fly encounters to throw at their players.

  • Twenty-three (23) purple “Mythos” Danger cards of awakened Rifts and Conjurations
  • Thirteen (13) red “Logos” Danger cards of Touched individuals and Sleepers
  • Four (4) blue “Mist” Danger cards of Gatekeepers

Each card contains:

  • A narrative side with the Danger’s art, description, and flavor text or quote
  • A Danger profile side with the Danger’s spectrums, custom moves, hard moves, and soft moves

This item is currently in Pre-Order with shipping estimated for August-September 2022.

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