District: Fortune Row (PDF)

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A Fast-Paced District of Glitzy Casinos and High-Risk Heists

This product includes a special 'Heist Rules' section for creating and running heists in City of Mist.

Even from several streets away, you can hear a dozen different tunes clashing and echoing between giant-sized hotels and casinos, You can almost smell the copper of the slot machine coins, and the cheap cologne of men dressed in equally cheap suits.

In Fortune Row, you can bet on anything, gamble everything, and win it all… at least some of the time.

This standalone PDF (18 pages) describes a new district in the City setting for the City of Mist RPG: the fast-paced and high-stakes Fortune Row. Here are some examples of how to use the included locations, NPCs, and Dangers:

  • The perfect setting for a heist. Amazing Relics are hidden in the casinos’ well-guarded vaults, granting powers that can’t be gained anywhere else. The Row is where criminal professionals execute daring, complex plans set against colorful hotels and elaborate security systems. If the PCs are not such professionals themselves, they can turn to the district’s seething underworld scene and recruit a team that suits their needs.
  • Shady dealings and anti-heroes. Some of the best crooks in the world walk the streets of Fortune Row, conning the rich out of their money. The PCs may accidentally fall prey to one of their scams, or deliberately search for them for their invaluable skills. And when the inevitable betrayal arrives? Hey, it’s just business.
  • The best rewards, at the highest risks. One who knows where to look can gamble on anything, even their Mythos. You can earn millions then lose it all, within a single night. Even luck itself can be gained here — or more accurately, stolen.
  • Themes of elegance and high class. In Fortune Row, everyone tries to look their best, except for those who know that there’s nothing less cool than showing you’re trying. It’s where every City denizen, regardless of their actual lot in life, can spend a wonderful evening and feel like they’re in charge of their own fate. It’s a grand show powered by self-delusion, and orchestrated by a shadowy cabal.

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