[Coming January 2024] Small-Time Villain: The Straw Man (PDF) - 300 points

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An Overprotective Small-Time Villain Reclaiming the City’s Green Spaces

It’s easy to mistake Wade Dodson (the Scarecrow) for an inconspicuous gardener, but with the overwhelming strength of nature behind him and his ability to suppress the minds of those he comes into contact with, this quiet man stands as a guardian against all those that seek to expand urban influence into the City’s green spaces or the rural landscapes beyond – seeing the City itself as his greatest enemy.

This PDF describes a small-scale criminal operation for the City of Mist RPG, run by the Rift of the Scarecrow, Wade Dodson. You can use Wade and his animal minions in your City of Mist series in the following ways:

  • As a moral dilemma that explores themes of urbanization vs. nature, or of 'logic' vs. 'feeling' or 'instinct'.
  • As a component in a case or story arc you are creating, who attacks encroaching urban development. Wade may also be used as a distraction by a greater foe to keep the investigators off their trail.
  • As a retaliation to the crew’s actions, where Wade has chosen to target one of the crew members, or a business that they own that may be seeking to demolish or encroach on a City park.
  • As a side case, where the crew investigates the recent disappearance of a team of construction workers, whose minds have been suppressed by Wade’s ability.
  • As a ready-to-play random encounter, when the crew unexpectedly crosses paths with Wade, as he begins a planned attack on a part of the City.

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    • Small-Time Villain: The Straw Man (PDF)

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