Case: Amnesia Town (PDF)

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A Nightmarish Case of Government Conspiracies in Sleepy Suburbia

In the tranquil suburb of Happyville, a Rift capable of turning nightmares into reality, has been causing enough death and chaos to galvanize the Gatekeepers to intervene. However, the women and men in gray are at a loss, following protocol rigidly yet playing into the hands of this Rift's demented plan. When the crew arrives, Happyville never seemed more peaceful yet was never as far from what it seems...


Amnesia Town plays like a classic “government cover-up in the suburbs” case. It draws from the Hollywood image of the Cold War era in the United States, when fear of communist spies was so great that anyone was a potential suspect and everyone kept up the appearance of being just swell.

On the surface, Happyville is overtly pretty and perfect, almost saccharine - a combination of the local disposition and the dulling effects of the heavy Mist cover in place, which turned people into dim-witted, forgetful, constantly-self-medicated Barbie dolls.

This case is built and narrated as such, to emphasize the gap between the fake, flawless exterior of Happyville and that palpable and very ominous feeling that behind it all lies a deranged, horrible truth...

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