District: La Colonia de Sombras (PDF)

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A Shadowy District of Heroic Immigrants and Meso-American Horrors

Every city needs immigrants, and the City is no exception. Step into La Colonia: a bustling Latin immigrant district pumping new blood throughout the City, delivering bodies (and souls) where they are needed to maintain, service, and build.

La Colonia de Sombras is a District divided between the dark machinations of Tío Tez, the crime kingpin (Tezcatlipoca, Aztec god of rulership and discord) who runs the show in La Colonia, and the mysterious masked luchadora (Kukulkan, Mayan Feathered Serpent) who calls herself Águila de Plata, The Silver Eagle, who is set on eliminating his criminal empire.

This standalone PDF (10 pages) describes a new district in the City setting for the City of Mist RPG: the immigrant community of La Colonia De Sombras. You can use this new district in your game to:

  • Enhance themes of immigration. While immigrants are ubiquitous in the City and inhabit its every district, characters who hail from this district and scenes set here give airtime to the cultural beauty and hardship of immigrants’ life in the City.

  • Play La Colonia’s story arc. The crew can find themselves embroiled in the escalating battle between mobster Tío Tez and tireless vigilante Águila de Plata, the ramifications of which echo in the community all around the district.

  • Push towards a Mist-disaster. The ongoing open battle between Rifts is unique to La Colonia, and it has put the Mist here at risk of collapsing.

  • Find answers from the beyond in the blood-soaked water of La Llorona river or beyond the gigantic worm who guards the entrance to paradise.

  • Face man-eating challenges such as the ever-hungry El Charro Negro or the meat-packing plant which devours its own workers.

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