Tourist Trap  | City of Mist Tabletop RPG (TTRPG)

Tourist Trap

A Flashy District of Wide-Eyed Tourists and Dangerous Pleasures
If you’re looking for a crowd, the Tourist Trap can provide, day or night. When the sun is up, families spend money in the many attractions the district has to offer. After dark is when the adults come out to play: dancing, drinking, flirting, and getting high in the district’s establishments of debauchery.

In the Tourist Trap, everything – legal or otherwise – is tacky, flashy, and overpriced. Some of the stores are shipping in more than what’s advertised in their catalogs. There is a market for high-grade, expensive drugs, fake IDs, and even weapons that come through this district.

The Tourist Trap is a chance for Rifts to access the endless resources of the world beyond the City, even if they don’t really care about that world...

Places of Interest:

  • The Department Store - Department stores dominate the Tourist Trap like castles overlooking a kingdom. During the days, the store’s display of cases, shelves, and mannequins show off over-priced designer and knock off clothing, jewelry, perfumes, or just about any other gift one can desire. In the evening, however, things tend to get a little less scrupulous - with overworked and underpaid staff selling exotic contraband, trading in information, and dabbling in other criminal activity.

  • The Nightclub - Nightclubs are the epicenter of the Tourist Trap’s nightlife. Some of the bigger clubs are shining multistoried extravaganzas, with enormous dance floors and the best the City has to offer in live music and DJs that bring in crowds ready to cut loose. People often wait outside the district’s hottest clubs for hours to get a taste of the alcohol- and drug-fueled atmosphere inside, unaware that in some of those clubs the experiences might be deadly...


  • Carlos Despina / Brides of Dracula
    Carlos Despina is the most attentive and attractive waiter at the Rocky Shore nightclub. His charm leads him to weed out the single people who came to theTourist Trap alone, looking for love (or, at least, a night of passion). Carlos searches the City for his counterpart, for someone like him. To that end, Carlos stalks the streets at night, sometimes leaving the hearts of fresh kills in dark alleys to see if he can draw out the one he seeks...

  • Ekram Din / Dionysus, Greek god of wine and fertility
    Ekram Din is the head bartender at the Bacchanalia Nightclub. He has a heavy pour, and encourages those who sit at his bar to party hard. Ekram loves a good time, and enjoys pranking those who harsh his vibe. While most pranks are in good fun, those who truly anger Ekram feel his biting wrath.

  • Lily Carmine / Sleeper
    Most who know Lily Carmine say she is nothing more than a shy manager of the Connoway’s Department Store in her forties. Those who know her a little better can tell you her father, Michael Carmine, was thrown in prison over a decade ago for running an illegal poker game for the criminals of the City. What those people don’t know is that Lily has managed to keep the game going in the Tourist Trap...