The Streets Bleed Neon  | City of Mist Tabletop RPG (TTRPG)

The Streets Bleed Neon

An All-Out War of Ruthless Kings and Unbridled Magic 

It is a time of unrest in the City. A new crime syndicate, originating from the previously-sleepy suburb of Whitecliff, has taken over several neighborhoods, pronouncing it their “kingdom”. Their “ruler”, who has escaped death many times, expands his territory by waging a violent crime war against the other gangs in the City. Or at least, that’s what the media tells you.

The public knows little about the sheer magnitude of the forces that are about to collide: it is a war of monarchs, of armies, of knights and almighty wizards. Even the government agents in gray suits can’t contain this bloody mess.

Will you stop it before it tears the City apart?



The Streets Bleed Neon is designed as the finale of a crime drama, in which a criminal empire’s unfettered ambitions lead to a Citywide crime war, culminating in either an ultimate victory or an absolute downfall. The case highlights the destruction sowed by the toxic desire to gain power solely to destroy a hated foe, a futile effort ending in a pyrrhic victory at best. While it starts with urban infiltration and gang warfare, it quickly escalates to an all out mythic war and the deployment of a superweapon which could wreak widespread destruction in the City and even cause the collapse of the Mist.

Unlike most cases, The Streets Bleed Neon plays more as a sandbox event than a linear investigation. It is made of a series of loosely-connected component scenes which point at each other not through clues, but through the choices and actions of the PCs and main NPCs. It is up to you as the MC to adapt each scene based on the particular unfolding of events in your game. As such, The Streets Bleed Neon can play out very differently every time you play it, with the outcome of each scene heavily depending on the PCs’ actions. Crew members can support either side in the conflict and have the chance to change their allegiances multiple times during the case.