A Heist of Alchemical Transmutations in the Mansion of a Mad Recluse

At the edge of the Old Quarter, there’s an aged, deserted mansion where no one lives and no one goes. Rumor has it that it once belonged to an aging alchemist, one who has sought the secret of life everlasting and dabbled with the alchemy of souls.

His students and followers, remnants of his dark cult, still guard the estate to this day, hoping to retrace their master’s achievements. But even they fear to venture deep below, lest they become mere ingredients in the alchemist’s final experiment.

You have no such luxury; you must find the Alchemist’s “Great Work”, even if in the process, you become something else...



The Alchemist is a case centered on a single location that can be played as either a heist or a dungeon crawl. It describes the danger-ridden lair of Armand Kai, a master alchemist haunted by his fear of dying, who desired most of all to retreat from the noisy City and complete his Great Work: finding the means to live forever.

The entire structure of his manor is engineered as a "chemistry set" where the crew is the base material going through transformation as they move deeper and deeper, closer and closer to the ultimate reward: the Elixir of Life.