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Legend In the Mist - Rustic Fantasy RPG


  • Type: Tabletop RPG
  • Developer & Publisher: Son of Oak Game Studio
  • Crowdfunding Date: February 6th, 2024
  • Crowdfunding Platform: Kickstarter
  • Release Date: 2025
  • Price: $29 All PDFs, $49 Core Book, $79 Core Book + Setting Book, $129 Ravenhome Slipcase Set with both books + accessories, $299 Thamuaturge Collector's Set - everything in Ravenhome plus a set of leather-bound books and slipcase, a leather satchel with acorn dice (subject to change, please confirm)
  • Formats: Digital, Print, VTT
  • Languages: English
  • Press Contact:
  • Websites: https://cityofmist.co



Legend In The Mist is a narrative fantasy tabletop RPG based on the award-winning and groundbreaking game engine of City of Mist. It can be use for any setting; however, it will be published with its own original setting, Hearts of Ravensdale.


What's different about this fantasy RPG?
  • Unfettered Creativity: With a game based on descriptors, not stats, any conceivable action is possible and players can create any imaginable fantasy character, world, or magic system.
  • Story Arcs Transform Gameplay: Your character's personal journey and choices alter their ability sets, changing their playability.
  • Narrative + Tactical: Powerful and light mechanics let you seamlessly switch between narrative and tactical action resolution to suit the needs of each story moment.
  • So Easy to Learn: With a character sheet made of descriptions, not stats, and only one type of roll, new players can learn this game in moments. 
What's different about this fantasy setting?
  • Feels like an Old Tale: Everything in Hearts of Ravensdale is crafted to make your game feel like a quest set in a legend or fantasy work of fiction, rather than a hack & slash dungeon crawl.
  • Return to the Journey: March through the countryside, overcoming dangers both natural and ancient, then have fireside conversations with your companions about what it all means.
  • Fantasy is Mysterious Again: Goodbye high magic settings. In HoR, magic and legendary beings are unknown, a mystery for some to uncover and others to wonder at.
  • Cultivation-based Thaumaturgy: True magic isn't about knowing the words, it's about knowing yourself. Practitioners strive to forge their being and deepen their awareness, not broaden their libraries.


Not another tactical fantasy D&D-clone, Legend In The Mist is a narrative game with optional tactical elements.

Like City of Mist, Legend In The Mist takes a different approach to roleplaying by using keywords instead of stats: player characters are made purely out of “tags” which players invoke during a roll to gain bonuses whenever their tags support the action they are taking.

This potentially allows any character detail to affect gameplay: not only physical and mental attributes, skills, and spells, but also motivations, backstory details, and even character catchphrases.

Any character can be created simply by describing it, and the game includes a range of features to help players make the most of this freedom and to maintain balance.


Another main feature which will be reprised in Legend In The Mist is the focus on player character story arcs.

Each PC has multiple and sometimes conflicting motivations at their core that the player must juggle between. When one character "theme" eventually overshadows another, players can transform their characters in dramatic story moments, swapping out themes and all the abilities (tags) associated with them in ways that alter the character’s gameplay.

Based on the player's choices, characters constantly evolve, staying dynamic and fresh, changing their “class” or resolving a major backstory event and coming out with new abilities. This non-linear character progression in Legend In the Mist ties story and gameplay tightly together.


Uniquely, the game will support a party of PCs of varying power levels out of the box,  balancing them by giving them equal narrative power (who was more instrumental in Lord Of The Rings, Frodo or Gandalf?), so it's possible to start the game with a party that has a heroic outlander, a powerful wizard, or even a supernatural being alongside a band of rough-hewn villagers whose heroic days are yet to come. This balance between Origin and Greatness is at the heart of the game, and player characters can move between these polarities as they progress. 


The Hearts of Ravensdale Setting Book will focus on creating the feeling of an old fireside tale.

Dubbed “rustic fantasy”, this hidden-magic low-to-epic fantasy setting returns to the roots of the fantasy genre, exploring unlikely heroes from tucked-away villages – such as Lord Of The Rings’ hobbits or Princess Mononoke’s Ashitaka – who are driven by circumstances to set out on a journey through the countryside and wilderness, surrounded by unknown dangers.

While magic pervades this setting and the HoR world is full of strange and sometimes monstrous beings, the practice of magic has been largely forgotten and wizards, or Thaumaturges, are mysterious and rare individuals, most often encountered in the legends of a bygone kingdom.

For those players who will discover the secrets of Thaumaturgy, Hearts of Ravensdale promises a unique and flexible magic system based on inner cultivation of spiritual qualities where the player is discovering magic along with their character.

The legendary creatures and eerie forces that inhabit the Hearts of Ravensdale setting, collectively known as Creatures of Twilight, are designed to initially mystify the heroes, but are connected by a rich behind-the-scenes cosmology that the players reveal inch-by-inch as they delve deeper into the secrets of the land.


The Legend In The Mist Core Book will include everything needed to play the game: game rules, rapid and custom character creation and evolution, guides on how to build your own setting and magic system, challenges and adversaries, and a starter adventure. Legend In The Mist RPG can be used to play in any fantasy setting. 

The Setting Book for Hearts of Ravensdale -- an original setting for Legend In The Mist -- will include all the setting information about the world at large, with a focus on the Dales, a remote community tucked away in the mountains where the story begins. It will also include an arc of adventures focused on the Dales, as well as adversaries and challenges from the Dales and beyond such as the Waken Sentries, the Children of Twilight, a roaming Thaumaturge, and the Cold-Hearted, but also 'everyday' dangers like an angry cook in the Barleytown Inn, the Red Marshals, or a cunning noble.


Legend In The Mist will be developed by the Boston-based Son of Oak Game Studio, led by founder and City of Mist creator Amit Moshe (Creative Director / Lead Game Designer).

Mexican artist Daniel Pinal is the Lead Artist for Legend In The Mist.



    Legend In The Mist, Rustic Fantasy RPG Legend In The Mist, Rustic Fantasy RPG

    Legend In The Mist, Rustic Fantasy RPG Legend In The Mist, Rustic Fantasy RPG


    Legend In The Mist, Rustic Fantasy RPG Legend In The Mist, Rustic Fantasy RPG Legend In The Mist, Rustic Fantasy RPG Legend In The Mist, Rustic Fantasy RPG Legend In The Mist, Rustic Fantasy RPG
    Legend In The Mist, Rustic Fantasy RPG Legend In The Mist, Rustic Fantasy RPG Legend In The Mist, Rustic Fantasy RPG Legend In The Mist, Rustic Fantasy RPG Legend In The Mist, Rustic Fantasy RPG


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