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Home Is Where The Heart Is

A Bloody Case of Broken Homes and Corporate Monsters 

"People like you have never really known hunger, not true hunger. Maybe you’ve been through some hard times. Maybe you had to skip a meal or two. But have you ever been so hungry that a single, overpowering sensation drowned all reason, an endless clawing at your stomach, begging you to fill the void? That’s how much I hunger for this deal to go through. I want it so much I can taste it, and I can’t be responsible for my actions if I don’t get it. So be a darling and sign the papers. I promise you, by tomorrow night you won’t even remember you ever lived in this miserable dump...”



Home Is Where The Heart Is is a classic monster-villain case that combines elements of horror with themes of corporate corruption. As the crew arrives in a declining neighborhood, they investigate both a predatory real-estate scheme and their legendary hunt after the monster prowling the streets...

Once the culprit is out in the open, however, they prove to be a threat on par with the worst the crew has seen and their investigation pivots: they become the prey and must figure out how to overcome the monster before they become its next meal.

To top it all off, their own survival instincts override their logic, potentially driving them to commit unspeakable acts.