A Chilling Case of Shattered Souls and Inner Turmoil 

There’s a secret kind of hate blowing through the streets these days, bitter-cold and blood-curdling. People aren’t even sure what they hate anymore, they just do: they hate each other, they hate their lives, and they hate themselves.

Could Mending the Broken, a support network for those who see beyond the Mist, be the lifeline the City needs? As the crew struggles to curb this wave of dark emotions, they may find that same chilling hatred has taken root in their own hearts.



Broken Glass is a psychological thriller that pits the crew against a supervillain who can evoke intense emotions, providing opportunities to explore the lead characters’ own emotional hardships.

The investigation takes the crew through the ranks of the villain’s operation, a twisted mental health organization. Fleshing out the case are several optional side scenes that can be inserted as desired, to add drama and action. The case culminates in a confrontation with the villain and a rush to save the City from her ultimate scheme.