Join the City of Mist Affiliate Program!  | City of Mist Tabletop RPG (TTRPG)

Join the City of Mist Affiliate Program!


We're launching our very own affiliate program and ask for your help in promoting City of Mist!


If you have a social media platform about TTRPGs, RPGs, D&D, comic books, or just general nerdy stuff and you want to help us spread the word about City of Mist all over the place for a share of the profits, contact us and we'll set you up!


How does this work?

We'll hook you up with custom trackable links that you can share with your followers. All sales that come through your link will be monitored through google analytics.


What do we offer?

We offer a 15% share of all sales that come through your links. This means that if you bring in sales of $1000 you'll receive $150 of that from us. Sales will be tallied after every quarter end (Apr 1st, Jul 1st, Oct 1st, Jan 1st).


Have a big audience?

If you have a YouTube channel with over 30k subscribers, a TikTok page with over 200k followers, or similar numbers to those on other social media platforms, we offer a per video payment option or a combined base + sales share option.


Ready to talk about City of Mist on your channel? Contact us and let's get started!