Introducing the City of Mist

Introducing the City of Mist "Awakeners" Referral Program!

Son of Oak Game Studio is proud to announce the City of Mist “Awakener” Referral Program, where our most passionate players can earn new and exclusive rewards for spreading the word about City of Mist and expanding the community. This program is just one part of Son of Oak’s commitment to keep supporting its titles after release and foster the growth of an active and welcoming community.

Farida Jalal City of Mist Playable Character Folio 

By visiting the referral page on the City of Mist website, users will be able to obtain a referral code that can be shared with others. New customers who use one of these codes receive a $10 discount on their first purchase of $50 or more. This discount will be applied even to items on sale, such as in the currently ongoing Winter Sale. Items applicable for this offer include the All Books bundle, The Core Set, and The Ultimate Set.

These codes can be shared wherever and whenever a user wants. Codes can be given to friends intrigued by City of Mist or looking for a present for a fan of TTRPGs. They can be shared on discord, reddit, and other social media. Players can share their code with gaming groups they’re in to help lower the barrier of entry. Generosity with codes is encouraged.

Regardless of where or when it was distributed, once their referral code has been used, a player will receive “Awakener” points that can be redeemed on the referral page for their exclusive rewards.

One reward players will be able to redeem is a character sheet for Farida Jalal, the Rift of Sinbad. A rebellious window washer who has seen many secrets, Farida is a character for fans of Sinbad and other swashbucklers, and those looking to explore conflicts between family and independence.

Another reward the Referral Program allows players to obtain is the Danger Collection: The Fantasy RPG Party, consisting of four Rifts of the Mythoi of Fantasy RPGs character tropes: Fighter, Mage, Rogue, and Cleric.

The Straw Man / Scarecrow City of Mist Small-Time Villain

The selection of rewards will also expand in the future, starting with the addition of the Small-Time Villain profile for The Straw Man. As the Rift of the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, this villain will provide City of Mist players with a chance to face an enemy with unique abilities and incorporate themes of urbanization versus nature into their series.

More information about the referral program, including access to the codes and rewards, can be found on its dedicated page on the City of Mist website.