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5 Ways To Find Other City of Mist Players

Often the hardest part of getting into a tabletop RPG isn’t learning the rules or figuring out what books to buy. It’s finding a group of other people willing to play the game with you. Getting the same people in the same place at the same time to do anything can seem daunting, even if “the same place” is an online chat. But in today’s article, we’ll be exploring different ways to help you find a group of likeminded players ready to explore the cinematic modern fantasy RPG that is City of Mist.


1. City of Mist Discord

The resource we often point people to in order to find other players is the City of Mist Discord channel. There we have the sub-chat #lfg (“looking for group” or “looking for game”) where you can find other players looking to run a game. By entering the command !lfg you can also mark yourself as someone looking to play and get notified when others post new games to the channel. There are also sub-chats to create characters, ask questions about the rules, and get tips on how to MC your own game. 

Simply download the Discord app and then use the Discord invite link to join. After you introduce yourself in the #welcome sub-chat, you’ll be able to talk to City of Mist fans around the world.


2. City of Mist Organized Play Program

Son of Oak also runs a City of Mist Organized Play Program dedicated to bringing newcomers into the game. MC’s both old and new can sign up to run intro games in exchange for City of Mist store credit. These MC’s are loaned a free Roll20 account along with all the materials they need to run a game, including the thrilling scenario Shark Tank

This program is perfect for people who are new to playing City of Mist or have never played a TTRPG before. Most everyone is new, so there’s no pressure about being inexperienced. The scenario is also written to introduce the mechanics of the tabletop RPG in a way that’s easy and fun to learn. The program is free and the only thing players have to do is fill out a survey afterward. 

There are limited seats in each game so grab yours as soon as you can. You can find the list of games with open seats here.


3. Roll20

The virtual tabletop website Roll20 is another excellent place to find a group. There you can create a game with whatever maps and tokens you like and play with others remotely. You can also purchase the City of Mist Starter Set and other scenarios on Roll20 to have all the materials you need right there and ready to go.

Roll20 also hosts forums with an active community of tabletop RPG players. Their Looking For Group forum is great for meeting other people, although expect posts dedicated to many other TTRPG’s as well while you're there. You can also find pick-up games by using their Join a Game feature and searching for City of Mist. This feature is handy as it allows you to filter for games that work for you. Using their advanced search options, you can easily find games that match your experience level and schedule. 


4. Facebook, Reddit, and other Social Media

City of Mist also has a Facebook group and subreddit where players can discuss the game and join groups, along with receiving the latest news and product announcements. 

There are also other large online forums that may not be exclusively for City of Mist but are incredibly helpful to players looking for groups. The subreddit r/lfg is very popular and open to players of all kinds. The Facebook groups Tabletop Role-Playing Games and Tabletop RPG Oneshot are a good place to advertise your game. Other sites such as Meetup or StartPlaying.games are also useful to find games in your local area or online. If you’re visiting these spaces, please be mindful of any posted rules they may have.

To recruit on groups and forums, it’s helpful to be as detailed as possible in your post, listing, or event. When you create a game, be sure to list:

  • The date, time, and timezone
  • Whether it’s a one-shot or series
  • The game’s theme
  • The number of players
  • Whether you’ll be a player or MC
  • And any other relevant details about the characters, crew, or case. 

If you are an MC running a case, a teaser can be good. Add an image to grab attention. You can leave some of the details open for discussion with fellow players. Just be sure to communicate with any interested group members in the comments when you set up the game. Your game is your own - you can choose who you play with, but we encourage you to be inclusive.


5. Get Your Friends in the Game

But in our experience, the most surefire way to find a group is to get your friends together and create one yourself. This often means taking on the role of Master of Ceremonies, running the game, and even offering to teach your friends how to play. While this will mean more preparation on your part, it also means your friends will be more willing to join if you get the ball rolling.  If you still don’t have enough people for a group, check your local game store to see if you can host a game there or post a “looking for players” flier on their bulletin board (of course, this option is best taken when you’re not currently going through a pandemic). 

The City of Mist community is full of great people, many of whom are looking to join a game just like you. And when you finally have that group together, keep in mind that everyone there should have the same goal of having fun. If you’re laughing or gripped in suspense by the end of the session, then congratulations - you’ve found your group!