The Starter Box

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What's included in the box:

  • A booklet for players, explaining the rules of the game

  • A booklet for the MC, explaining the role of the MC and containing your first case, Shark Tank

  • 5 beautifully-illustrated pre-generated character folios: Baku, Detective Enkidu, Job, Lily Chow & Iron Hans, and Tlaloc

  • 20 tracking cards

  • 1 crew card

  • 2 Custom City of Mist Dice - 1 Mythos (Purple), 1 Logos (Ivory)

  • 7 location maps on two huge double-sided foldable sheets (22"x17")

  • 41 illustrated character tokens

Customer Reviews:

"I have to say, initial impressions - you guys hit this one out of the park. The starter box is, in my opinion, a lot easier to digest in physical form than it was in the PDF, it flows very nicely in the booklets. The character folios look FANTASTIC. I like the dice a lot too."

"The first thing that stood out to me was the quality of the components. This feels like it's based on a TV or movie franchise. Amazing stuff."

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  • The Starter Set (PDF)

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