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A special discounted bundle of ALL City of Mist books, the Starter Set, and six Districts!

This bundle includes:

  • The Starter Set. Learn to roleplay in a city of ordinary people and legendary powers. This set is designed to launch your game group into the game with as little prep as possible, learning as you play.
  • The Player's Guide. Everything you need to create, play, and evolve City of Mist characters, including an introduction to the setting, tools for creating unique modern fantasy characters, the complete cinematic game rules, and a dramatic character development system.
  • The MC Toolkit. All the guides and tools for creating and running your own City of Mist series, as well as ample ready-to-play content: challenges, adversaries, arch-villains, and a full case - "Gambling With Death" - so you can start playing right off the bat.
  • Shadows & Showdowns. An expansion book that enhances the core rules and reveals much about the City and the powers behind the Mist - and beyond it, including: new themebooks, a trove of ready-made content to use on-the-fly, more exciting locations, intriguing locals, and challenging Dangers, a council of Avatars that runs the City, and a deeper look at the Gatekeepers, the organization behind the Mist.
  • Nights of Payne Town. A story arc book amassing ten cases (adventures) that can be run individually, through three separate sub-arcs, or as an ongoing series (campaign), following the insidious operation of an all-powerful Avatar.
  • Six District PDFs:
    • Fortune Row, A Fast-Paced District of Glitzy Casinos and High-Risk Heists
    • IndependenceA District of African-American Folk Heroes Fighting Oppression
    • La Colonia de SombrasA Shadowy District of Heroic Immigrants and Meso-American Horrors
    • Tourist TrapA Flashy District of Wide-Eyed Tourists and Dangerous Pleasures
    • The UndertrashAn Underground District of Warring Outcasts and Abandoned Oddities
    • The Sunken CityA Pulpy District of Underwater Adventures and Unleashed Powers

This item includes the following downloads:

  • The Player's Guide (PDF)
  • The MC Toolkit (PDF)
  • Shadows & Showdowns (PDF)
  • Nights of Payne Town (PDF)
  • The Starter Set (PDF)
  • District: Fortune Row (PDF)
  • District: Independence (PDF)
  • District: La Colonia de Sombras (PDF)
  • District: Tourist Trap (PDF)
  • District: The Undertrash (PDF)
  • District: The Sunken City (PDF)

These downloads will become available in your personal downloads page once you complete your purchase.

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A lot of my roll players have become role players with this game.

I am amazed that a lot of my, previously, roll players have become role players with this game.


City of Mist was the 3rd ttrpg I found after D&D and I absolutely loved it.

City of Mist was the 3rd ttrpg I found after D&D and I absolutely loved it. I also appreciate the theater of mind aspect and the character sheets/knowledge my Players need to know is reduced to easy phrases without a weird dichotomy between flavor text and actual mechanic. In CoM they are one and the same. I've also always gravitated more to internally conflicted vigilantes that question their actions and thoughts as opposed to "I **** Bad Guy and therefore am a hero despite what I did to get there! Woohoo!"


The way CoM makes characters evolve and change instead of just endlessly gaining more points is the thing that really made me love the system.

The way CoM makes characters evolve and change instead of just endlessly gaining more points is the thing that really made me love the system. I don't care at all for the setting and the dichotomy being tied in to choosing new things to replace the old is also problematic for me because I prefer to not play with such clear cut oppositions in my games. However the whole idea that in order to really see the best advancement characters need to actually lose touch with part of what they identified with and instead reveal a new facet of themselves is just am amazing way to do character growth.


City of mist is one of the best ttrpg's that I've ever played and GM'd in terms of creative fulfilment.

As stated in the title this is basically just a post for me to gush about how much I love how this game works. The cinematics flow really well with the conversational style of gameplay and the fact that there aren't really any set rules on ranges and distances makes it a lot easier to handle theatre of the mind gameplay compared to other TTRPG's. This, to me, is a big part of why it feels very fulfilling to both run and play with this system, as you don't have to worry about strict distances and numbers and can instead focus on the storytelling. Plus, the fact that the game actively encourages players to push their characters to evolve and develop which is a lot of fun.

Robert D.

Huge and excellent.

Be warned, this book is *HUGE*, but it’s also *GORGEOUS*. Thematically, it’s an Urban Fantasy game that hits a lot of interesting notes. Mechanically, it takes elements of Fate and Powered by the Apocalypse, but also adds a lot of its own spin to really engage players in making the city their own.