Accessory: City of Mist Dice (8)

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Eight (8) City of Mist custom dice to roll with your moves!

Roll+Power in style with eight custom "DoubleSix" dice designed to go hand in hand with your Mythos and Logos themes.

Each die has 12 sides (d12) numbered from 1 to 6 twice (1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5,6,6) and is statistically identical to a six-sided dice (d6). Roll two City fo Mist custom dice with every City of Mist move you make! (Just as you would roll two six-sided dice).

Each set includes four "Mysterious Amethyst" Mythos dice and four "Bloody Newspaper" Logos dice, with the iconic Mythos and Logos symbols (bolt and mask) instead of sixes.

US / Canada / Australia:

Ships November 27th (Black Friday 2020)

UK / EU / RoW:

Ships November 30th

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