Story Arc: The Personal Vein (PDF)


Uncover a nefarious plot to slowly and painfully destroy the very fabric of society in the City!

"There’s a secret kind of hate blowing through the streets these days, bitter-cold and blood-curdling. People aren’t even sure what they hate anymore, they just do: they hate each other, they hate their lives, and they hate themselves."

The Personal Vein is a three-case story-arc that revolves around individuals and their personal and emotional turmoil, instigated by the minions and corrupted victims of a twisted and tormented supervillain who can evoke dark emotions and instill chilling hatred in people's hearts.



  • Killing Her Softly, a heartbreaking case of soulful jazz and haunting death. A soulful jazz singer needs the crew’s help with deciphering a series of mysterious killings that circle her in a vicious ghost dance. As the body count rises, will the crew be able to save the City’s residents from this haunting angel of death?

  • Carnival of Machines, a creepy case of mechanical desires and killer rides. When a Rift love triangle ends in a tragic car crash at a Downtown junction, the crew must trace the chain of events back to its source. Was this just another sad story, so common in this City, or did a guiding hand have a part in this?

  • Broken Glass, a chilling case of shattered souls and inner turmoil. With an unsettling wave of hate raging through the streets, could Mending the Broken, a support network for those who see beyond the Mist, be the lifeline the City needs? As the crew struggles to curb this wave of dark emotions, they may find that same chilling hatred has taken root in their own hearts...


The Personal Vein is the first sub-arc from the Nights of Payne Town story arc book, which also contains:

  • The Mystical Vein. Three cases following a magical arms race, where a mystery collector will stop at nothing to gather every form of magical object and being in the City.
  • The Criminal Vein. Three cases involving the rise of an unstoppable crime baron, a violent self-proclaimed monarch, and the struggle for power over the City streets.

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