Bundle: Rules Combo + Nights of Payne Town

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Discounted bundle for the City of Mist core books: the Player's Guide and the MC Toolkit, and the story arc book, Nights of Payne Town

This bundle includes:

  • The Player's Guide. Everything you need to create, play, and evolve City of Mist characters, including an introduction to the setting, tools for creating unique modern fantasy characters, the complete cinematic game rules, and a dramatic character development system.
  • The MC Toolkit. All the guides and tools for creating and running your own City of Mist series, as well as ample ready-to-play content: challenges, adversaries, arch-villains, and a full case - "Gambling With Death" - so you can start playing right off the bat.
  • Nights of Payne Town. A story arc book amassing ten cases (adventures) that can be run individually, through three separate sub-arcs, or as an ongoing series (campaign), following the insidious operation of an all-powerful Avatar.

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    • The Player's Guide (PDF)
    • The MC Toolkit (PDF)
    • Nights of Payne Town (PDF)

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