Roll20 Starter Set (Save $10)


This product is an add-on. It is only available when you buy the City of Mist Starter Set PDF, Starter BoxUltimate Set, or Ultimate PDF Bundle. You can buy the City of Mist Roll20 Starter Set for $14.95 directly on Roll20.

Play City of Mist online with friends anywhere!

Roll20 is a virtual tabletop that allows you and a group of players anywhere in the world to play City of Mist online! The Starter Set is designed to launch your game group into the game with no prior experience and as little prep as possible, learning as you play.

This add-on provides the complete Starter Set on Roll20:

  • A set of short, learn-as-you-play handouts to walk your players through the rules

  • A walkthrough for the Master of Ceremonies (Gamemaster), teaching you how to run the game

  • Five beautifully-illustrated pre-generated characters: Detective Enkidu, Tlaloc the two-bit crook, Lily Chow the runaway, Job the priest with a past, and Baku the monster-hunter.
  • Your first full-length case (scenario), Shark Tank, with:

  • A handout for every location with readouts, information, and a list of clues

  • Handouts for learning new MC Skills as you run the case

  • 8 noir locations maps (Ennie award nominated)

  • Danger profiles (statblocks) for threats and NPCs

  • 24 tokens of PCs and NPCs

  • Art by Ennie-award winner Marcin Sobon

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