The MC Toolkit

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All the guides and tools for creating and running your own City of Mist series.

The Master of Ceremonies' (MC) Toolkit includes step-by-step guides for creating and running your own City of Mist series, as well as ample ready-to-play content: challenges, adversaries, arch-villains, and a full case - "Gambling With Death" - so you can start playing right off the bat.

★★★★★ “a must have for ANY GM... the tips alone are worth it!” (customer review)

What's in this book:

  • Chapter 1: Word on the Street describes four of the main City districts with sample locations and local Rifts, as well as additional districts and locations at the edge of town.
  • Chapter 2: Behind the Scenes is a detailed breakdown of the MC’s roles, a step-by-step guide on how to run sessions including a variety of tools to help make your game more cinematic, and an in-depth walkthrough for creating your own cases and designing your series based on the Iceberg model.
  • Chapter 3: This is MY City!, the villain chapter, contains the rules for creating and handling Dangers; a comprehensive Danger Profile directory containing dozens of Dangers to use in your games; a guide to Avatars and their operations with four ready-to-use Avatar profiles; and a special section on creating and using custom moves.
  • A full case: “Gambling with Death”

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