Bundle: Core Set + Into the Mist Set

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Get all the City of Mist books in premium slipcase sets, along with the MC Screen, the Crime Board City Map, and four District PDFs!

This bundle includes:


  • the Player's Guide book in hardcover (+PDF)

  • the MC Toolkit book in hardcover (+PDF), and

  • the MC Screen in print (+PDF)


  • the Shadows & Showdowns expansion book in hardcover (+PDF)

  • the Nights of Payne Town story-arc book in hardcover (+PDF), and

  • the Nights of Payne Town crime board map of the City with dozens of pinnable clues from the story arc!

In addition, you receive a free PDF copy of the following City of Mist Districts:

  • Tourist Trap, a dark and treacherous tourism district by James Introcaso, co-designer of Dungeons & Dragons' Dragon Heist

  • La Colonia de Sombras , a Latinx immigrant district inspired by Mexican and meso-american mythology, by Mark Diaz Truman of Magpie Games

  • The Undertrash, an underground district of warring outcasts and abandoned oddities, by Chris Gunning, co-writer of Delta Green

  • Independence, a district of African American Legends by Chris Spivey, author of Harlem Unbound

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      This item includes the following downloads:

      • The Player's Guide (PDF)
      • The MC Toolkit (PDF)
      • MC Screen (PDF)
      • Shadows & Showdowns (PDF)
      • Nights of Payne Town (PDF)
      • District: Independence (PDF)
      • District: La Colonia de Sombras (PDF)
      • District: Tourist Trap (PDF)
      • District: The Undertrash (PDF)

      These downloads will become available in your personal downloads page once you complete your purchase.