The super sentai LGBTQ-themed tabletop roleplaying game

Fight intolerance with rainbow powers, empathy, and fierce battle stances!

Based on the City of Mist tabletop RPG and the amazing manga by ISA.

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QUEERZ! Timeline

Free 1st Issue June 30th

Free Demo Game August 19th

Kickstarter September 14th


Queerz TTRPG Harvey-M's Awakening 1 of 3  Queerz TTRPG Harvey-M's Awakening Queerz TTRPG Harvey-M's Awakening 3 of 3



 Queerz TTRPG Absolutely Fabulous Gets Historical Justice 1 of 5   Queerz TTRPG Absolutely Fabulous Gets Historical Justice 1 of 5   Queerz TTRPG Absolutely Fabulous Gets Historical Justice 3 of 5  Queerz TTRPG Absolutely Fabulous Gets Historical Justice 4 of 5   Queerz TTRPG Absolutely Fabulous Gets Historical Justice 5 of 5 



Queerz TTRPG Teddy Woof's XXL Bear Bash 1 of 2   Queerz TTRPG Teddy Woof's XXL Bear Bash 2 of 2


  © All rights for Queerz reserved to ISA Artworks / Isago Fukuda


 Game Announcement

Son of Oak Game Studio is proud to announce our next game: QUEERZ! TTRPG, which will go on Kickstarter on September 14th


ISA Artworks - Isago Fukuda - Queerz comics / TTRPG

QUEERZ! TTRPG will be based on the LGBTQ+ manga of the same name by queer Japanese artist ISA (Isago Fukuda, @IsaHappyfield). In QUEERZ!, super-powered members of the queer community battle villains that embody ignorance and bigotry, employing a variety of colorful energy blasts and unique abilities bestowed upon them by the benevolent Rainbow Empathy. While each encounter begins with classic anime action and flashy exchange of colorful attacks, at the climax of battle, heroes enter the inner psycholofical landscape at the core of each villain, unpack their past, and help free them from their prejudice and narrow-mindedness. When not battling superpowered ignorance, the protagonists cope with the challenges of their everyday lives and explore their own queerness.


QUEERZ TTRPG is for everyone. It is about acceptance, inclusivity, and finding a way to embrace others despite our ingrained conditioning. No matter how you identify - lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, nonbinary, cisgender, straight, anything else or nothing at all - you can tap into the Rainbow Empathy inside you, put on new colors, and show the world your sentai strength! Help others break free of ignorance not through force but through seeing what led your villain to become a villain and truly getting through to them. 


Queerz comics / TTRPG

QUEERZ! TTRPG will run on the cinematic, award-winning City of Mist TTRPG engine, that combines Powered by the Apocalypse narrative moves with tag-based, statless, classless characters. Thanks to the flexibility of the tag engine, any character detail from “fierce drag queen wardrobe” through “energy beam of empathy” to “bullied as a kid” can empower your character’s actions, supporting incredible player creativity. The City of Mist character development system allows for dramatic moments of self discovery where Player Characters undergo transformation, swapping entire aspects or “themes” of themselves for new ones, and unlocking new abilities while forgoing their former identities.


On September 14th, the Kickstarter for QUEERZ! RPG will be launched, first seeking to fund the QUEERZ! Basic Box, a learn-as-you-play experience that teaches the game to players and MCs (GMs/DMs) through bite-sized reading prompts and a fabulous first adventure. The Basic Box will include a booklet for players, a booklet for the MC, 5-7 stunning pregen character folios, cards, maps, tokens/minis (TBD), and of course - dice! It will be based on the City of Mist Starter Box, selected by Forbes as one of the top 7 RPG Starter Boxes to pick up in 2021. If funded successfully, the Kickstarter will expand to new pregen characters, a character creation handbook, an anthology book of adventures, more custom dice, and many other additions.


City of Mist is a cinematic tabletop role-playing game set in a modern day City where ordinary people wield the power of characters from fairy tales and legends. Son of Oak Game Studio is a queer-owned international creative team publishing narrative and immersive tabletop role-playing games.