Case: The Furnace (PDF)

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This case is available as part of the complete Nights of Payne Town story arc, in PDF or hardcover (with PDF included).

An Ill-Fated Case of Sweet Temptations and Stolen Dreams

A new drug has hit the streets of the city, a special drug for special people like you. It is said to make your sweetest dreams come true, but as it takes over the secret world of modern legends, new cases of missing persons crop up faster than you can solve them.

Some of the missing are soon found, wretched, empty, and lacking the will to live. As you set out to find what’s cooking in the dark wet lanes of the city, will you take a chance on your dreams and adopt this toothsome new fad?


The Furnace is a crime drama case which explores a new trend in the secret underworld of rifts in the city: a wish-fulfilling substance called “Candy”. This substance, which is readily available to the PCs, puts their personal desires and aspirations, as well as their private lives as rifts, in the limelight.

As the crew uncovers a Mythos-powered drug ring across the rift underworld, each PC will be able to play through this case as a detective, a victim of their desires, or both.

The case's trail of temptations is laid by a modern-day witch and the mystical motive behind the drug ring is only revealed at the end of the case.

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