Case: Cult of the God-King (PDF)

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This case is available as part of the complete Nights of Payne Town story arc, in PDF or hardcover (with PDF included).

A Cryptic Case of Arcane Secrets and Zealous Sacrifices

You can hear it whispered on the cobbled streets of the Old Quarter, in the murmur of the ocean by the docks, echoing down abandoned, candle-lit subway tunnels. It’s like an ancient spell or a mumbled recipe, a spark that lights the melting fire.

They are gathering, they have awakened, and now they must serve their forgotten master. Do you, like them, seek enlightenment or power untold? What are you willing to sacrifice to the God-King?


Cult of the God-King is a psychological thriller following a mystical journey for self-transformation, guided by a mysterious and shady cult. Lead characters can attempt the journey themselves as spiritual seekers or they can play the cynics and iconoclasts and attempt
to decipher the cult’s true motives before it’s too late.

As the culmination of the cult’s Great Work approaches and the stakes become higher and higher, lead characters will break, switch sides, attain a deeper understanding of the City, and reveal their true nature.

This case takes a headlong dive into the occult circles of the City, exploring the rich lore of medieval alchemy as a path to spiritual evolution and combining it with the mystery of the City and the Mist. It plays best when at least one PC joins the cult and is willing to go all the way to find answers.

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