• Mythos: The concept of Evolution
  • Logos: Ex-Boxer
  • Sleeper
  • Touched
  • Borderliner
  • Legendary
  • Avatar
  • Bone armor
  • Can grow extra limbs
  • Rapid healing
  • Superstar boxer

Friends and media contacts from his previous life as a famed boxer
The Undertrash


An Ex-Boxer, Mitosis’ glamorous career and celebrity life came to a grinding halt when he became involved in a Biochemical Accident: driving while intoxicated, he hit a truck carrying vats of biohazardous substances. Mit’s body went into a rampage of Rapid Cell Growth, transforming him into a monster while increasing his Survivability in all conditions.

When you’re in the ring - one hit - that’s all it takes. One good hit and you’re down. There’s no boxer in the world that could mangle me up the way that stuff in the yellow barrels did. There isn’t a word for what I’ve become. One good hit is all it took. I’m down, and now I need a way to get up again.