Fortune Row  | City of Mist Tabletop RPG (TTRPG)

Fortune Row

A Fast-Paced District of Glitzy Casinos and High-Risk Heists
Even from several streets away, you can hear a dozen different tunes clashing and echoing between giant-sized hotels and casinos, You can almost smell the copper of the slot machine coins, and the cheap cologne of men dressed in equally cheap suits.

In Fortune Row, you can bet on anything, gamble everything, and win it all… at least some of the time.

Places of Interest:

  • The Snake / Enclave of Feng Shui - Fortune Row’s main street that stretches out of the glitz and light of the hotels and into the neighboring slums, where it twists and turns and returns to meet itself from the other side, in an endless loop – creating a balance of good and bad fortune.

  • Themed Casinos - Fortune Row sports dozens of places where one can gamble, but the truly great casinos, those that have become establishments, did so through specialization – offering something only they can, a reason to come and keep playing until you go broke, and beyond.


  • Luke WardLugh of Irish myth, Master Craftsman of the Tuatha Dé Danann
    A stout, balding man, nevertheless of indeterminate age, Luke specializes in connecting the right professional criminal with the right job. He knows dozens of talents-for-hire, freelancers who work with many employers, but respect Luke most of all.

  • Nula DawgCu Chulainn, Charioteer Warrior-Hero of Irish Myth
    Nula Dawg isn’t from Fortune Row; she’s a drift race driver from Cross End. It’s when her pockets are empty and the boys from Fortune Row need a driver for a hit that her sense of adventure gets the better of her and she joins one of Luke Ward’s heists.

  • SnowyBuddhistic Vishuddhi, purity from all character flaws
    Very few scammers dare to go against the ultra-rich in their own playground, but Snowy isn’t only such a scammer – she’s one of the best. Capable of swindling millions of dollars before breakfast, she became a legend among her peers, known for her ability to completely change her demeanor and appearance. All of this changed with a single roll of the dice...