Carnival of Machines  | City of Mist Tabletop RPG (TTRPG)

Carnival of Machines

A Creepy Case of Mechanical Desires and Killer Rides 

When a Rift love triangle ends in a tragic car crash at a Downtown junction, the crew must trace the chain of events back to its source. Was this just another sad story, so common in this City, or did a guiding hand have a part in this?

The deeper they delve into the case, the crew is led down a path from which they can’t escape, possibly towards the same end as the victims of the crime they are investigating!



Carnival of Machines is a neo-noir murder investigation that pivots into a classic comic book “death trap” scheme.

In its moody first half, the crew unfolds the personal misfortune of three Rifts who become magically involved with one another. The crew must reveal the scheme behind the tragedies and survive the wicked ploys of an evil Rift mastermind, bent on killing them and those like them!

This case also features an NPC on a crash course, Goldie, whose fate is determined by the actions of the players!