• Mythos: Baku, Japanese nightmare-devouring monster
  • Logos: Martial arts dojo master / Monster hunter
  • Sleeper
  • Touched
  • Borderliner
  • Legendary
  • Avatar
  • Preys on supernatural beings
  • Acute predatory senses
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Deadly with his Nunchucks

All-Seeing Eye Investigations, Tiger Claw Dojo
Miller’s Square


Baku is a bona fide Monster Hunter. Almost completely taken over by his Mythos, a mythological Japanese Dream-Eating Chimera, this ghost-hunting predator prowls the night and preys on the things that go bump - a true Nightmare of Nightmares. To remind himself of his humanity, he teaches martial arts in a little dojo called the Tiger Claw Dojo in Miller’s Square, but will this be enough to contain his Mythos?

The people of this City are slumbering, sleeping even through their waking hours. In their sleep, nightmares prey on their oblivious minds and numb bodies. Sometimes, they awaken for a moment - just enough to call for help. I am that help.