• Mythos: Revenant, a raised corpse
  • Logos: Assassin
  • Sleeper
  • Touched
  • Borderliner
  • Legendary
  • Avatar
  • Undead - doesn’t need to breathe, drink, eat, or sleep
  • Trained assassin, expert marksmanship, unmatched tracking abilities
  • ‘Ion-9’ weapons and gear
  • Enhanced interrogation techniques

Helix Labs, her wealthy and anonymous clientele


Post-Mortem doesn’t know who she was before she died. She woke up as a Walking Dead body in an abandoned Helix Labs facility, animated by an unknown force. With the help of special Helix Labs Gadgets found at the lab and her newly (re?) discovered training as an Assassin, she began hunting those who operate in the shadows as the City’s Angel of Vengeance.

I had a life. Not sure if it was one worth living, but I had it. And then someone decided to take it and make me into this experiment. I don’t have a life now. You know what that means? That I’m not going to rest and I’m not going to stop -- I’m going to find you and I’m going to do to you what they did to me -- I’m going to take your life.