• Mythos: Bastet, an Egyptian lioness goddess
  • Logos: Cabaret performer and jazz singer
  • Sleeper
  • Touched
  • Borderliner
  • Legendary
  • Avatar
  • Underworld queen
  • Legendary performer
  • Savage feline guardian
  • Enchantingly Glamorous

Samuel Valteirra’s Club co-stars and employees


As a singer in the City's sleaziest clubs - truly A Rose Among Thorns - Bassie has always employed subtlety and charm to help her fellow female performers survive the attentions of crooks and lowlives. A longtime stage performer, Bassie knows that appearances set the tone of every show and that being prepared with some Wardrobe Wonders can’t hurt. Patrons who attend her shows swear her entrances are legendary: if asked she’ll simply reply: “A Goddess Never Tells”. Bassie was not the only one transformed by the goddess growing in her. When she's in a pinch, her trusty Guardian & Companion tabby cat is always at the ready with a magical protective aura and ferocious claws.

♫♫Turn around boy, you better run. I know your secrets, you can’t fool this one… Gentle can be fatal, don’t you dare forget. Don’t bring your dark mojo to my cabaret...♫♫