QUEERZ!, the anime RPG, is available on DriveThruRPG  | City of Mist Tabletop RPG (TTRPG)

QUEERZ!, the anime RPG, is available on DriveThruRPG

Son of Oak Game Studio is proud to announce that QUEERZ! RPG, the LGBTQ-themed super-sentai roleplaying game of color-coded heroes fighting Ignorance with love, which was funded with a successful Kickstarter campaign in late 2021, is now digitally available on DriveThruRPG:


QUEERZ! launches on DriveThruRPG


Based on the eponymous heartfelt and action-packed manga by ISA and the award-winning City of Mist game engine, the QUEERZ! Role-Playing Game casts you as a member of the incredible super team. Use your unique abilities to tackle the so-called “Justice Knights” and their Constructs and Pawns with coordinated martial arts, over-the-top weapons, and ALL the feels.

QUEERZ! is set in a version of our world that is infected with the dark crystalline substance of Ignorance, transforming our deepest pain into barriers of dogma and control. But now, a new band of heroes arise to shatter Ignorance and together reach through to their enemies and transform them back into friends.

Whether they are LGBTQ+, otaku, or simply individuals who dance to a different drum, the Queerz draw their superpowers from their unique take on life and their dreams of a better world. With the power of the Rainbow Empathy, they fight to free humanity from the mind-controlling grip of Ignorance and restore peace and fun to their beloved city, while dealing with their own personal drama.

In every adventure, the Queerz battle Ignorance-powered enemies, from brainwashed minions to giant crystal-armored mechas. But the final battle takes place in the Inner Space of the villain, as the Queerz discover what caused Ignorance to strike root and strive to free their enemies from its dark influence.

Son of Oak has released the following titles:

  • The Basic Set, including the Player Guide, MC Guide, and five pregens
  • The Creator Guide, for creating custom characters, teams, and villains
  • The Adventure Anthology, with five adventures by LGBTQ+ and ally writers
  • An Extra Pregens set with 7 additional pregens
  • 2 "Justice Knight" Profiles, Dianne Taylor and Mr. and Mrs. Daly
  • Action Cards

In addition, two bundles are available: the Core Bundle and the Adventure Bundle

The physical version of QUEERZ! RPG will be co-published with Japanime Games. The Kickstarter-exclusive Core, Adventure, and Fabulous boxes are estimated to arrive in backers' hands in November 2023. Following the Kickstarter fulfillment, the Basic Box, Creator Guide, and Adventure Anthology will be available in print from Japanime Games.


Son of Oak is an international game studio creating immersive, narrative, and cinematic tabletop role-playing games. Along with its poplar and award-winning flagship urban fantasy game line, City of Mist, the studio created QUEERZ! RPG and is completing Tokyo:Otherscape, a mythic cyberpunk RPG, all of which are based on its signature tag-powered game engine. A fantasy RPG based on the same engine has also been teased, to be announced soon.