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Local Legends Kickstarter campaign pre-launch page open!


We're very excited to announce LOCAL LEGENDS, a book of districts and cases, and the next installment of our evergrowing City of Mist library!

The crowdfunding campaign for this book as well as a bunch of great accessories and extras is heading to Kickstarter next month, February 2023.


Follow the campaign by clicking the "Notify me on launch" button on the pre-launch page so you can back it as soon as it launches! Day-one backers will be given early access to all the content as well as a pair of new custom dice!

Also, backing the campaign early will let you choose the eighth district that will be featured in this book!

In Local Legends, MCs will find districts packed with engaging urban locations — typical eateries, like taco stands and noodle shops, hip entertainment venues that range from hedonistic nightclubs to popping neighborhood jazz clubs, but also ancient underground passageways, haunted forts, secure government facilities, wondrous thin-places, dangerous killer factories, and even monstrous hell-worm infested high school swimming pools — with a veneer of mundanity that hides a mythical undertone.



Local Legends’ districts will further house complicated and layered NPCs, who will be your PCs' allies and adversaries — though likely both at the same time, as you’ve come to expect from a city of lies and deceit — but also a trove of Danger profiles, theme kits, custom moves, and new rules for heists, martial arts, and more.

Local Legends will feature eight (and possibly more!) expanded City districts that will each contain a thematic one-shot case set there and involving the district’s locations and locals.


In writing Local Legends, the City of Mist team will be joined by Tony Pi and Colin Wilson, creators of popular City of Mist supplements on the City of Mist Garage, our community content marketplace on DriveThruRPG.


  • Six of the previously explored districts:
    • Independence by Chris Spivey (of Darker Hue Studios, creator of Harlem Unbound and Haunted West)
    • Fortune Row and The Sunken City by Eran Aviram (chief editor for City of Mist and creator of Crystal Heart RPG)
    • La Colonia de Sombras by Mark Diaz Truman (of Magpie Games, creators of Masks: A New GenerationUrban Shadows, and Avatar RPG)
    • Tourist Trap by James Introcaso (co-designer of multiple Dungeons & Dragons books including Dragon Heist and Ghosts of Saltmarsh)
    • The Undertrash by Chris Gunning (of Weaponized Ink, co-writer of Delta Green)
  • And two previously unexplored districts:
    • The coveted Chinatown district which was just shy from unlocking during the Nights of Payne Town Kickstarter campaign
    • And a new, yet unnamed district, that will be chosen by backers of this campaign!

Other items that will be crowdfunded during the Local Legends campaign will include:

  • A pack of Character Folios of the districts’ most exciting and prominent NPCs, now in playable character form
  • A new Deck of LegendsCity of Mist’s Danger card set, featuring Danger profiles from the Local Legends book, as well as updated Dangers from the MC Toolkit.
  • A map kit for Local Legends and the City at large
  • A new MC Screen
  • A new set of City of Mist dice
  • And more…


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