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Announcing Tokyo:Otherworld and Local Legends

We're thrilled to announce two upcoming projects in the world of City of Mist!


April 2022



The City of Mist metroverse will soon expand with our upcoming cyberpunk-fantasy game Metro:Otherworld and its first setting book Tokyo:Otherworld set in dystopian future Japan. 

In a future, alternate version of the City of Mist universe, myths and legends manifest in a grim version of the real world. However, instead of the eponymous Mist, Metro:Otherworld is plagued by the Noise, the sum of all stimuli in the accelerated information age. Humanity no longer awakens as Rifts; instead, corporations, crime syndicates, and governments struggle to control relics, temples, and rituals that will boon them with a fraction of a Mythos’ power and keep them relevant in a rapidly deteriorating political ecosystem. Your crew are the privateers, ronins, or hired guns that — for profit, honor, or revenge — seek out and take control over these coveted sources of magic, in an action-packed, cinematic cyberpunk story.

Metro:Otherworld will run on COM:Reloaded, a streamlined version of the innovative tag-based City of Mist system that is fully compatible with the original and is adapted to best serve an adventuring game. Among the features of this upgraded system are:

  • Statless, classless, tag-based characters and system (as in City of Mist)
  • Dramatic powerset (theme) changes based on story developments (as in City of Mist)
  • Streamlined player moves with less overlap
  • 14 new themebooks for Mythos, Meat, and Noise
  • A new universal Loadout theme that describes your character’s gear and is reloaded at the end of each downtime
  • Rapid and full custom character creation
  • Improved MC moves guidelines and instructions
  • Support for action, stealth, investigation and added support for exploration
  • Specific instructions on how to use the moves for every setting-appropriate activity such as gunfights, hacking, drone control, summoning, spellcraft, medical attention, and more.

As with City of Mist, Metro:Otherworld will include a proto-setting — the Megacity — that you can tweak and adjust to fit your story. The core book will include global setting information as well as generic theme kits (powers, training, gear, vehicles, etc.), adversaries, and a starting adventure (“Job”).

Tokyo:Otherworld will be the first setting book in the Metro:Otherworld setting and will explore local Japanese crime syndicates, megacorps, and government organizations — as well as the shadow world of ronin mercenaries — who are powered by Yokai, Kami, and other Japanese mythological beings. The book will contain dozens of Japan-inspired theme kits, like weapons, augmentations, spirits, and esoteric arts for players to pick from; dozens of Dangers representing cyberpunk adversaries to Yokai monstrosities; organizations; locations with Danger information; and two additional adventures (Jobs) set in the Japanese Megacity.





September 2022

Our second planned addition to the City of Mist metaverse will follow later this year. City of Mist Local Legends, which was hinted at during our Kickstarter campaign for the Starter Box, will be a hybrid between a distritcs expansion book and an adventure book focused on “One-Shot” cases.

In Local Legends, MCs will find districts packed with engaging urban locations — typical eateries, like taco stands and noodle shops, hip entertainment venues that range from hedonistic nightclubs to popping neighborhood jazz clubs, but also ancient underground passageways, haunted forts, secure government facilities, wondrous thin-places, dangerous killer factories, and even monstrous hell-worm infested high school swimming pools — with a veneer of mundanity that hides a mythical undertone. Local Legends’ districts will further house complicated and layered NPCs, who will be your PC’s allies and adversaries — though likely both at the same time, as you’ve come to expect from a City of lies and deceit — but also a trove of Danger profiles, theme kits, custom moves, and new rules for heists, martial arts, and more.

Local Legends will feature eight expanded City districts that will each contain a thematic one-shot case set there and involving the district’s locations and locals. 

In writing Local Legends, the City of Mist team will be joined by Tony Pi and Colin Wilson, creators of popular City of Mist supplements on the City of Mist Garage, our community content marketplace on DriveThruRPG.

The book will include:

  • Six of the previously explored districts —
    • Independence by Chris Spivey (of Darker Hue Studios, creator of Harlem Unbound and Haunted West)
    • Fortune Row and The Sunken City by Eran Aviram (chief editor for City of Mist and creator of Crystal Heart RPG)
    • La Colonia de Sombras by Mark Diaz Truman (of Magpie Games, creators of Masks: A New Generation, Urban Shadows, and Avatar RPG)
    • Tourist Trap by James Introcaso (co-designer of multiple Dungeons & Dragons books including Dragon Heist and Ghosts of Saltmarsh)
    • The Undertrash by Chris Gunning (of Weaponized Ink, co-writer of Delta Green)
  • And two previously unexplored districts —
    • The coveted Chinatown district which was just shy from unlocking during the Nights of Payne Town KS campaign
    • And a new, yet unnamed district, that will be chosen by backers of this new project

Other items that will be crowdfunded during the Local Legends campaign will include:

  • A pack of Character Folios of the districts’ most exciting and prominent NPCs, now in playable character form
  • A new Deck of Legends, City of Mist’s Danger card set, featuring Danger profiles from the Local Legends book, as well as updated Dangers from the MC Toolkit.
  • An additional pack of Character Folios of the City's most beloved and hated Avatars in playable character form.
  • A new set of City of Mist dice
  • And more…



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