District: The Undertrash (PDF)

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An Underground District of Warring Outcasts and Abandoned Oddities

Under the City there is a place to which the truly desperate turn, those who have been rejected by society or could not fit with the norms and demands of the ‘overland’. Some took too hard a hit in their personal, financial, or professional lives, pushed into the margins. Others decided to drop out of the rat race, finding it easier to opt out than rebuild.

Here, everything discarded finds a home: people, secrets, and trash. Here, there is value even in the most reviled things. Here, someone can shed their old life like the skin of a reptile.

And it is here, in The Undertrash, away from the prying eyes of the authorities and social norms, where misfits make their own rules...

This standalone PDF (12 pages) describes a new district in the City setting for the City of Mist RPG: the subterranean depths of The Undertrash. You can use this new district in your game to:

  • Explore the undesired. The Undertrash is where all unwanted things end up, be them people or items. If your crew is hunting for something no one wants, they will find themselves delving into the Undertrash.
  • Support the City above through the war below. The conflict between the factions of the Undertrash can have far reaching influence on a surprising number of conflicts above ground. The Cold Queen could be a vital ally of someone important to the crew, making her fight into their fight.
  • Lay low. The Undertrash is a great place to escape to. Once the crew find themselves in too deep or against too strong odds, they can find somewhere to hide (and maybe even some solace) in the tunnels below.
  • Search for ancient treasure. Some of the oldest Mythoi the City has ever known are hiding, or slumbering, in the depths of the Undertrash. Uncovering the true roots of the Old Quarter, or searching for a Relic of great importance, may lead you down to the Undertrash.
  • A last resort. When a player character loses a theme that was integral to their worldview, they might find themselves unable to recover. The Undertrash will welcome them, for as long they need - maybe forever...

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