Soundtrack: All-Seeing Eye Investigations

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Immerse yourself in the crime-ridden streets of Miller's Square with this new City of Mist soundtrack, written to accompany the Starter Box and Starter Set!

The All-Seeing Eye Investigations Soundtrack features five original music tracks by Christopher Thomas Richardson that help you set the mood for playing Shark Tank, the starter case featured in the Starter Box and Starter Set.

  1. All-Seeing Eye Investigations
  2. Fistfight with the Olympians
  3. Sad Stories
  4. Delia's Theme
  5. Honey Lip's Theme

Whether you’re exploring the mundane or delving into the mystical, this soundtrack will keep you in the right atmosphere. Although written with Shark Tank in mind, these five new tracks will help set the mood with any City of Mist game session.

This item includes the following downloads:

  • All-Seeing Eye Investigations Soundtrack (ZIP)

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